I'm definitely not a morning person...

Full moons keep me awake. I prefer a Bloody Mary at brunch.

I overpack.  I didn't try sushi until I was in college...my bad.

I feel destined to help others. I have a love for words.

I 100% believe we have more in common than we have differences.

I take pictures of food. I can't stop.

I chase rainbows and waterfalls. I could eat ice cream every day.

I love road trips and singing in the car.

I procrastinate. I work hard under pressure. Ha.

I am resilient.

Authenticity isn't optional to me, it's essential.

When I was younger and travelling with my mom she set it straight. We got around by the local bus. She said to me, "the best way to know a place is to move like a local." That's been me ever since.

Don't just see a place but be a part of it. Know it.





You are open-minded, intuitive, passionate.

You have a keen desire to learn.

You appreciate a good story. Perhaps that's why you're here.

You love a good laugh. You vibe that there is more good than bad 

in this world even though sometimes it's very hard to tell.

You are tired of conforming to the rules that did not originate from your heart. You crave adventure.

Ah, we should have a drink.

Our journeys are different but our paths have crossed. Journeys are long, they can be arduous, they are absolutely NOT Instagram perfect. A journey is something that has plans that may change at will. But you and I know, we just know, that journeys are worth it because it's in the climbing out of valleys and up to the peaks,

that we become a better version of our badass selves.



After visiting my 40th country, I decided it was time I should write all this down.


Telling a story is in our DNA. Since early human took to drawing on the walls of caves, we've felt the need to share. goingKnowhere is my passion project. In this space, I am able to share all the things that I love: travel, food, photography, history, language, music, and reflections. 

The more I travel, the more cognizant I become that not everyone is afforded the luxury to travel. The financial, geographical, political, and physical barriers are steep for so many. I am profoundly grateful for my opportunities and in turn, feel a responsibility to share so that others can have the chance to explore the places of their dreams.


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